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Petrus Viviers

4u2Stay can increase bed night sales in almost any establishment. Depending the per bed night rates the establishment is prepared to drop to during out off season for a group booking. It takes tailor made packages and itineraries to target various Market segments.
(Marketing St Lucia Estuary since 1988)

The Staff at 4u2stay including all interns from Project Work are well equipped to handle the different target markets and the itineraries needed to accommodate them.
(St Lucia Experience cc. 1995 – 2009)

Each visitor to an establishment has the potential to become a verified regular customer. Keeping the activity list high will expose them to a fun filled relaxing holiday that they will cherish for a lifetime.
(Tour Guide Since 1996)

Our highly experienced management team can turn any establishment that we have evaluated into a profitable venture. When we take on the management or marketing venture of an establishment we are sure about the success we can achieve.
(Estate Agent 1987 to 2009)

Establishments Owners/Managers sometimes overlook the potential to discount bed nights during low season. Low season bed nights can be highly profitable when managed right. By just implementing cost cutting  and low overhead management practices. Many Resorts are completely overrated and has the potential to be more profitable at a higher turn over at a little lower rating.  

4u2Stay offers an integrated marketing/management plan that will expose an establishment to future markets and retain them as returning customers. This is all in the presentation of the Product, Accommodation + Itinerary, when clients are booked into an establishment and their itineraries are presented to them.
(Grandfather owned Tight Lines 1970’s)
(Family Owned Grunter Holiday Flats Now Bibs International Backpackers 1979 – Current)