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The rule of tenths.

A very easy concept to understand and which has its roots in Biblical Times. For this Reason 4u2Stay offers to Market your bed nights completely under your Management and Financial Control for a mere 10% Commision.

Quarterly, Biannual and Annual marketing and progress reports will be made available to the Establishments Owners/Managers/Proxies/Investors so that they do not feel they are left out of the loop and things are spinning out of control. This is also the cornerstone for future marketing and costing analysis and projects.

Due to the rapid changing market and new money flowing into the market in the form of new lodges, new investors, new inbound tour operators, new routes, old and new tour guides and even new lodge managers the longevity of an Establishment is based on its ability to incorporate changes into it’s business and marketing plan.

4u2Stay can achieve this by keeping our finger on the pols and by innovative staff employment through Project Work. This will keep Wages down and the flow of young minds going through the Project work Intern program (Fresh from Varsity). All this done on the expense account and supervision of 4u2Stay.

Financial Control

    1. Financial Control is totally in the hands of the Unit/Establishment Owner. This means that all quotes and bookings is done from his/her/proxies desk. It is advised that one central book is kept. Where possible on site, but with technology today it could be done through Google Calendar.
    2. All quotes will be handled through the Owner/Proxy with pre agreed upon guidelines. All monies are paid into the Owner/Establishment/Proxy Bank Account and accounting is done as per pre agreement where a proxy is appointed.


    1. Commission is earned by 4u2Stay as soon as the money is paid into the owner/establishment/proxy bank account.
    2. Commission will be paid over to 4u2Stay at the end of the calendar month in which the transaction was concluded.
    3. Conclusion of transaction is the last bed night that was slept by the occupying client.
    4. Occupying Client is the client with a traceable reference back to 4u2Stay.  

Bed Night Rate

    1. Rate is established by quote from establishment or unit owner/proxy
    2. Commission of 10% included or excluded as per quote.
    3. Season Marketing rates can be negotiated by all parties to make marketing and attracting bookings easy.
    4. Seasons
      1. High Season
        Days where 100% Bed Nights is expected.
        From 22 December to 3 January
      2. Mid Season
        School Holidays and Long Weekends
        Including Tourist Season from June to October
        Expected 100% Room but not bed occupation.
      3. Low Season
        All other days that do not fall in Section d(i)(ii)

Tracking Bookings

    1. By 4u2Stay
      The bookings and confirmation by 4u2Stay will be done by trackable emails and quotes. All 4u2Stay Bookings is done via email and payment confirmation. All 4u2Stay bookings will be confirmed with payment with a 4u2stay reference.
      Without this proof of payment the transaction is not concluded. No occupation should be given to the client until this proof is given.
    2. By Owner/Establishment
      To ensure no double bookings is made the owner/establishment/proxy needs to fill in the Onsite Bookings Book/Google Calendar. Running two bookings systems should be avoided. One of the two needs to be adopted.
    3. By Arrivals
      Arrival Register should be kept on site by Caretaker.
      Date Range of Occupation:
      Vehicle Registration:
    4. By Cleaning/Housekeeping:
      Should advise Caretaker of how many people is occupying a room.
    5. By Departure:
      Caretaker needs to notify Owner/Management/Proxy that the room has been vacated and of quantity sheets/pillows/blankets etc that needs to be washed has to be recorded. All breakages reported to owner/management/proxy.

      House Cleaning needs to complete an inventory slip to assure that all items is still in room and report all shortages and or breakages to caretaker.

Management Control

4u2Stay is willing to help bring all these controls in line so that Owners and Establishment can rest assure that everything is running smoothly.  Only a smooth running operation can ensure good quality service and good paying/behaving customers.

Right of Admission

Right of Admission for these clients should vest in the Caretaker, but only executed on receiving written confirmation from owner/proxy either via email/whatsapp.

4u2Stay Client Base

Social Media

4u2Stay has a Facebook presence of more than 10000 people.
Through the affiliated Smalls4u Facebook Network it is almost six times that many. With the Smalls4u Group we can target market regions. It is a very responsive marketing method.

Web Based

4u2Stay is well positioned on the Internet to launch it’s web site once the need arises. Currently this is done through the 4u2Stay Blog. The Blog performs well enough through search engine searches.

Whats App

Petrus Viviers has over 500 people Subscribed to his Fishing Report SA Broad Cast List. Using innovative marketing techniques these subscribers not only receives the 4u2Stay Marketing Material but also forward this to friends on their friends list. Sort of Chain Letter Marketing.


With trading over 10 years 4u2Stay has accumulated over 6000 email address from booking clients. These are people who receive regular newsletter from 4u2Stay and do not mark it as spam emails.

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