Dorothea  Ship of Lost Treasure


Ship of Lost Treasure

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Many stories surrounding the Dorothea have surfaced during 1898 and 2007. Nobody will ever know the truth. Three researches combined makes for interesting reading. Confusion set in because of this story’s links to the Kruger millions.

Some where around the end of the Boer War it is believed that President Paul Kruger arrived in LM, now Maputo Mozambique, with a Dr. Kelly and heavily laden wagon. It is not clear how many and how heavy. Some eyewitness reports say that it was some sort of concrete sleepers or pylons.

Some where during the night, Dr. Kelly purchased a ship, almost a wreck, and called it Dorothea, loaded it heavily and departed for Port Natal during the next day. During the same night some eyewitnesses apparently saw President Paul Kruger boarded another ship for England.

The ill-fated Dorothea almost reached Cape Vidal when it had taken on water. The Captain put down the anker but the storm was to bad. He and the few crewmembers abounded ship in fear of their lives.

They found that the ship washed ashore the next morning along the coast of Cape Vidal as it dragged the anker during the night and where smashed in the days to follow along the rocks. The main mast and anker landed in the bay of Cape Vidal and most of the shipwreck is strewn along the coast for about 1.5 to 2.0km.

Many salvaging operations where foiled by the weather during the years to follow. The first apparent successful retrieval of relics, from the Dorothea, was made by Springbok Spear fisherman, Jannie Smih and divers Malcom Weise, Duke Visser and JC van Der Walt. This discovery was made in 1980. By this time any relics from this ship would have been worth its weight in gold.

The fact is that the Kruger millions is missing and some people retired early. How many Relics is still out there is un known and how much gold left LM with Paul Kruger will always be a mystery.

Story as told by:
P.J. Viviers

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